Dr. Uke (link)
PDFs of song lyrics with ukulele chord diagrams.  Audio recordings are available for many songs, so this is a great site for beginners.

Ukulele Underground Forums (link)
Get yourself an account on these forums and immerse yourself in all things uke.  Don't miss the Ukulele Tabs and Chords forum for some great songs to play.  There are also video tutorials on the non-forum part of the site: (link)

Chordie (link)
This is a search engine for chords & lyrics. It can transpose chords, and display chord diagrams for the ukulele.

Crazydawg Tabs (link)
Once you get fluent reading tab check out some of the excellent (and full) tabs on this site.  No Woman No Cry, Stairway to Heaven, Beatles, and more.

Richard G's Uke Songs (link)
Chords for many rock/pop songs. PDFs with chord diagrams.

Big Muffin Tabs (link)
PDFs with chords and melody tabs.

Vermont Ukulele Society (link)
Ukulele club based in Bristol, VT.  We may do some joint events with this group in the future.  Their song library is here.

808UkeJams (link)
Ukulele club based in Kihei, HI (Maui) that plays mostly Hawaiian language songs. We'll be playing some songs from their songbook (which is available from our lending library).  Please check out their YouTube channel to get inspired, pick up some tunes, and maybe even learn some hula!  "Mahalo" (thank you) to the group leader, Kumu Kealoha, for the songbook and the aloha. 

Uke Sessions (link)
Online magazine by Mel Bay, a publisher of ukulele books.


12 Bar Blues (link)
How to play the 12 Bar Blues Progression in any key.  Includes a great turn-around.

Blues A-D-Am7-A Progression & Riffs (link)
The basis of a few songs by Muddy Waters & George Thorogood. 

Four Chord Songs (link)
Comedy troupe "Axis of Awesome" playing a medley consisting of many pop songs that use the I-IV-vi-V chord progression.  In the key of C, that would be:  C G Am F.  


Public Domain Tabs (link)
Brahm's Lullaby, Home On The Range, Aloha 'Oe, The Entertainer & more in this German PDF.  4 Mb, 47 pages.

Campfire Songs (link)
Camp songs, kids songs, and scouting songs.  PDF, 290 Kb, 128 half-pages.

New Zealand School Songs (link)
PDF, 462 Kb.

Taunton Uke Club Books (link)
6 books.

London Uke Festival's Songbook (link)
PDF, 24 Mb, 328 pages.

Stewart Green's Songbook
PDF, 257 Kb, 55 pages.

Fleabag Songbook
PDF with many American folk songs.  Sheet music for the melody, plus chords with chord diagrams for uke. 

 Reference Materials

Pocket Chord Chart (link)
Never be without a chord reference again.

Single Page Chord Chart (link)
144 Chords on one sheet of paper.

Chord Progressions (link)
Chord progressions in any key with uke chord diagrams.

Chord & Scale Diagram Generator (link)
Generate diagrams showing any chord or scale for any instrument.


Ukulele Sheet Music PDF Generator (link)
Create sheet music with ukulele chord diagrams super easily with this Java application that we here at the uvUkeClub created & uses to make all of our handouts.